News about the Porting Kit Legacy version (Support OSX 10.6 and 10.7)

We thought about it already for a while, but now we come to a point we really have to make choices. The Porting Kit Legacy version is going to end (support for OSX 10.6 and 10.7) We know this may sound like a shocking decision to some of you, however this is the best for the Porting Kit future.

The number of Porting Kit Legacy users became around 0.9% of the total in the last three months. This is a very small number considering the tremendous amount of time to maintain it. Especially considering that we haven’t used resources introduced in macOS 10.7 and beyond in the main features to keep the Legacy support.

The last version of Porting Kit Legacy will still be available in the Porting Kit website. It will become the new stable version, and it should still be able to work. Although, it will not receive updates anymore.

The good news is, that with that change, we should be able to introduce to you some new cool features. That includes a new library, which combines Local and Server tabs in a single view. The new stuff is planned to happen in the coming weeks, so we keep you guys informed :)

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