Etherlords 2 for the Mac

More turn based strategy games today! I wanted to put this one up yesterday, but the site was very slow that time that it took ages in the CMS to do something! It’s good that it is buy on the site and I do my best to speed the site up. I keep you guys informed. Lets start with Etherlords 2. Etherlords 2 is a turnbased strategy game in a fantasy world. This game is available  and is the follow-up of Etherlords 1! The game works great using Crossover in my tests and thats why I created a CrossTie for the game. Below you will find the trailer to get introduced with the game.

Etherlords 2 is an exciting mix of role-playing, adventure, and tactical combat in the fine tradition of fantasy trading card games. Rediscover the world of Ether and a whole new realm of fantastic possibilities. Lead your Hero through five campaigns, through lands filled with unsurpassed beauty and danger. Summon a wide variety of creatures–Lamia Warriors, Red Dragons, Walls of Air, and more–to help you achieve victory on the battlefield. Use all the power at your disposal to show your enemies that is you who deserves to have complete control of Ether. The Ether is eternal, the Ether is all-powerful, and now it will be under your command. If you’re looking for a strategic challenge and you like trading-card games, this is your best pick!

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