Euro Truck Simulator 2 Wrapper Update!

[Edit 27-3] Uploaded a new Wrapper what fixes the freeze when changing camera view! So get the new Wrapper when you have the bad one from yesterday!

On request! An update for the full game (Demo, which can be unlocked to the full version by a serial) of Euro Truck Simulator 2! The Wrapper demo version is now updated to the latest build 1.9.22. The file is now a 1.1 gb download file and I hosted it on Filefactory (the standard place now for bigger files).

Remember to scroll down and click the “slow download” and de-select the filefactory download manager selectbox, otherwise the download will be a .exe file instead of the zip file what it supposed to be. After download it is a matter of extract and play!

Get the new pre-installed Wrapper from the game page here…

eurotruck sim 2

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