Expendable for Mac OSX

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Game Details:

Expandable is a very nice Action game! This game has been released for the Mac on GOG.com so buy it up there. When you create an account you will receive  standard as a bonus 11 more free Mac games. Where you are waiting for?

Game description:
The game itself is very entertaining – its one of those good old shoot-em-ups that you remember and boy do they make a good show for themselves! The classic scheme of “go forward, destroy, get some new toys, kill some more” works perfectly, like always, even after a few hours of playing it’s still fun to watch all of those explosions and slaughter. During your quest of annihilation you will find some extra weapons that will help you keep yourself together and enemies in parts. Most of these weapons are classic, but in game a like this it’s a plus, not a minus. Overall it’s a great peace of a game that you will have fun playing – alone or with a friend!

What’s cool about it:
• Gameplay packed with so much action it has little room left for anything else
• A wide variety of weapons and enemies
• Diverse levels with enemies, powerups, bonuses, secrets, bosses and puzzles



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