Extra list of games tested on Apple Silicon Mac

As mentioned in my earlier post, I have been testing a lot of games past days on my new “used” M1 Apple Silicon Macbook Air :) We already knew that a lot of ported games works out of the box for Apple Silicon as well, but it’s always good to test. So here the list I have tested and which are working on Apple Silicon Macs as well:

– Civ 2 (Runs fine)
– Space cadet (runs fine)
– Banished (Runs fine)
– Might and Magic 8 (Runs fine)
– GTA 2 (Runs fine)
– Gothic 2 (runs fine)
– Elder Scrolls 3 (runs fine)
– Emperor Rise of Middle Kingdom (runs fine)
– Anno 1602 (runs fine)
– Anno 1504 (runs fine)
– Anno 1701 (runs fine)
– Diablo (Runs fine)
– Mafia (Runs but a bit laggy)
– Sim City 3000 (Runs fine)
– Warcraft 2 (Runs fine)
– Gothic (runs fine)
– Swat 4 (Runs but a bit laggy)
– Monkey Island 2 SE (Runs fine)
– Monkey Island SE (Runs fine)
– Escape from monkey Island (Runs fine)

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  1. Dear Paul The Tall, many thanks for your effort bringing old gem Games to the Apple M1 family. Actually, I‘m trying to get Battle Realms + Winter of the Wolf (GOG Version) working on my M1 Mac but it mostly crashes after helping the peasants on the first mission (before the second cutscene). Do you know, what causes this crash? Many thanks in advance

  2. I will check that one today or tomorrow. Will come back on that.

  3. Hi!
    I just checked and cannot reproduce the issue. I came further into the first province mission without any issues and could play along for another 5 minutes without any issues. Can you sent me an email so we can further troubleshoot? Use the PK form please.

  4. Hi Paul The Tall, many thanks for your quick reply and your investigation. I‘m getting my new Macbook Pro soon. After delivery, I can doublecheck it with a fresh installation of Portingkit and the Game. Will give you feedback by E-Mail. You‘re great! Highly appreciate your effort.

  5. Spore works as well! I’ve been testing it and it runs mostly great. There’s a glitch in the terrain generation that can make planets with odd terrains (I believe it’s something with the wind3d trick).

  6. Hello, thank you for your great job. I have tried to use porting kit to play City Car Driving, but it just quit instantly when I open it, would you like to help see if you can fix it? https://store.steampowered.com/app/493490/City_Car_Driving/

  7. Hmmm… I can’t seem to get SimCity 3000 to run on my M1 Pro MacBook Pro. I just get a black screen =/

  8. Hey,

    i still got the problem that the game (Emperor Rise of the middle kindom) does not start because of the resolution of the screen of the newest Macbook Pro M1… It’s only working on a external monitor.

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