Fallout and Fallout Tactics for Mac!

Yep, they are back on GOG.com! Fallout, Fallout 2 and Fallout Tactics! The problem….Windows only. The reason probably because of a new launcher which needs .net 4.0 and a high resolution patch. Not something that stops me re-porting the game again :). Started yesterday with Fallout and Fallout Tactics. Fallout 2 will follow very soon as well.

Both games, Fallout and Fallout Tactics are now added in the Portingkit again so you can play the game high resolution on your Mac again. The game even works on my low-end Intel HD 5000 macbook air :D. For the basic instructions for the Portingkit installation go here…

Get the Portingkit if you don’t own it yet up here…


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  1. Thanks for this! This is amazing! One question, is there a patch needed for fallout 2 and if yes, how do I make it work? Thanks a lot!

  2. Fallout 2 is just added into the Portingkit. I will post the news today as well.

    The high resolution patch is included in the Fallout game version of GOG. I added 2 executables for the game so you can launch the config/setup screen to enable the high resolution patch and the game launch executable. All the tools required to play it high resolution :)

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