Does Porting kit works in Catalina OS 10.15x and up?
Yes, in matter of fact, over 95% of the Porting Kit database works on Catalina 10.15.x and up. When it’s not working it is mentioned in the game notes. Not all games are tested in Catalina, but if you run into trouble, let us know.

I updated my Mac OS to Catalina, and now all ports don’t work anymore!!
Reinstall the ports, and Porting Kit will install the games with Catalina ready engines. Then the game will work again.

Does Porting Kit work on Apple Silicon Macs?
Yeps, most games do using Rosetta Support. It’s still under heavy development by Apple and the Wine Devs and Codeweavers (Crossover) teams are working hard to get the best compatibility with the games. However there are of course still challenges. Some games are more choppy then on Intel Based Macs, and there are some resolution issues on the latest Apple Silicon Macbook Pro’s (these don’t support low-resolution games (640×480/800×600/1024×768 etc.) anymore causing these (especially old) games not to launch on these Apple Silicon Macs.

A workaround for this situation is to connect a (non-4k) external monitor to these Apple Silicon Macbook Pro’s which will fix these resolutions issues. We are also in the process updating these old games with high resolution Mods/patches/fixes, but this is time consuming and not always possible. So until a solution is there, an external Monitor is the solution, or use Parallels Desktop (a very easy to use Virtual Machine with Windows 11) instead for the time being.

I need help installing games in Porting Kit
Check this page for video tutorials…

Do all Windows programs/games work in Wine?
Unfortunately no. Wine is in continuing development, so not everything will work. Look at the Application-Database on WineHQ to see if your game is there (tested) and which rank it has. If it’s an old version of Wine you can try if the game works on a newer version.

Help The game Crashed/doesn’t work properly!
This can have several causes, I will mention the 3 most common reasons; walk those through when you have problems:

On number 1:
I didn’t read the notes in the port description so I forgot to do these extra steps.
Solution: Do the extra steps mentioned in the notes to fix it. Or for example you found out that your Mac doesn’t reaches the requirements (if you have a low-end mac).

On number 2:
I have a Apple silicon Macbook Pro (which doesn’t support low-resolutions) and haven’t connected an external screen to fix it.
Solution: Connect your Apple Silicon Macbook pro to an external display (non-4k) to fix it.

On number 3: 
I downloaded the GOG galaxy setup file instead of the required “Offline backup setup file(s)” from my GOG account library.
Solution: Delete the GOG galaxy setup file from your download folder and download the “Offline backup setup (+bin) file(s)”  instead before installing the port. If it has also a old Mac version, make sure you change “System” to “Windows” (or you will end up with a mac installer).












On number 4:
The installation process stucks on “Creating a Wine Prefix”
Solution: In that case or there are still wine processes active from playing a game or install (or another port is active in the background like World of Tanks). Reboot in that case (quickest fix) and try install again.

On number 5: 
The port installation fails because it failed to download a Winetrick or keeps hanging on downloading…
Solution: Some countries are restricted at some hosting places, so in that case try create a VPN tunnel to another country using for example the free limit version of Proton VPN and try after connecting to install the port again (downloading the trick might take a while because ow low bandwidth but then at least it works).

On number 6:
Black screen or games not showing in the list in a Steam port.
Solution: Go in Steam to the preferences –> interface and deselect the mentioned (or do the settings) in the screenshot below.













If this doesn’t help, check the forums or in Porting Kit –> click “more” -> report a problem.

The port installation got stuck in a specific step:

Press the Cancel button, then try to install it again. If it gets stuck again, press Cancel, go to “Tools” -> “Clear caches”, clear “Wineskin caches” and “Winetricks caches”, and then try to install it again. If it still fails, send us a mail using the Contact Us tab.

My antivirus is claiming that an engine has viruses:

Mac Antivirus (usually Avast) usually check if there is any modified DLLs, which they automatically consider has viruses. Wine is full of fake DLL and EXE files, that may cause false positives. Read more about that here… You may need to disable the virus scan when installing a game port, and then whitelist it after it’s created. We hope to improve this through time with newer engines.

Which Programs you recommend?
There are 2 programs on the Mac using Wine: Wineskin (with Porting Kit) and Crossover Games. They both have advantages. Wineskin has as a pro that it is free and can use different Wine Engines which can be a benefit for the game. Crossover is more user friendly and has CrossTies which automatically installs the game into Crossover + it can run some old Games (DOS) which Wineskin cannot. Read more about porting up here… Alternatively there is of course Parallels Desktop (a very easy to use Virtual Machine with Windows 11).

Is this all legal?
Wine is an environment where you can install Windows-Software. Which means that you can execute the .exe file in a Windows-like environment, even though it’s not Windows. You use a certain openGL .Dlls which is different than Windows, but has the same functions. So Wine, without any adjustments, is completely legal.

It will be different when you’d apply certain Wine-Tricks/Software Installs like DirectX or IE6, because in the EULA of MS is written that it may be used under Windows license only. So if you’d want to use that Software package you’d need a legal version of a Windows OS. This doesn’t mean you got have it installed though. As long as you own a Windows-License everything is fine. It all depends on the EULA of the specific Software-package you want to install; Do you need a Windows License, Yes or No. Always read the EULA of the Software-package you want to use to know sure you’re fine.

The only thing not allowed in some countries, like the US, is the use of the “no cd patch” (for the games with a CD copy protection, also known as DRM), which makes it possible to play the game without CD, to avoid duplication. So if you bought the game, you have the CD and it’s legal. So there usually is nothing wrong, as long as you stay within the rules of the License-Agreement. But if this is is a stumbling block to use Wine on Mac, there is always DRM-free software where the game does work, like on GOG.com or Kinguin, it will be mentioned on the game pages. These DRM-free games are completely legal to port to Mac.

Works Multiplayer? And does it works with like Punkbuster?
In most cases multiplayer works fine. Only wine doesn’t support Punkbuster at the moment, somehow those two doesn’t work good together. So you have to join non-Punkbuster servers to avoid this problem at the moment.

Are there any differences in-game, between using a AMD-Graphic card, Apple Silcion and a NVIDIA-Graphic card??
Yes there are. Sometimes it might even be the case that a game doesn’t work when you’re using a ATI-Graphic card, and only on a NVIDIA-Graphic card. Usually with a NVIDIA-Graphic card you have the most chances that a game will work, rather than with an ATI-Graphic card.

If you still have questions/issues about a game then in Porting Kit you go to the specific game and click “more” and then “report a problem” and put in as much info as you can and we will take a look if we can help you out :)

3 thoughts on “FAQ

  1. Hi, could you please consider adding a port for the game ANNO 1800?
    Thank you very much for your consideration.


  2. Hi, is there a guide on how to use the options requested when adding a “New Custom Port”?
    I see:
    * LAVFilters
    * OpenAL
    * Uplay
    * Big Fish Games
    * Origin
    * Steam
    but no explanation about those, nor a way to install the NVidia Physx engine, required (i.e.) for Divinity 2 developer edition

    Thanks and keep up the good work

  3. Hi Nicola, Yeah that should be coming soon. Nvidia Physx is a winetrick which can be done after creating the port. If yo go to “more” advanced tools –> open wineskin –> advanced –> tools –> winetricks, then Physx should be there to install and all other tricks.

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