Does Porting kit works in Catalina OS 10.15x and up?
Yes, in matter of fact, over 95% of the Porting Kit database works on Catalina 10.15.x and up. When it’s not working it is mentioned in the game notes. Not all games are tested in Catalina, but if you run into trouble, let us know.

I updated my Mac OS to Catalina, and now all ports don’t work anymore!!
Reinstall the ports, and Porting Kit will install the games with Catalina ready engines. Then the game will work again. Also make sure that SIP is disabled (for now) or the games will not launch.

How do I know Porting Kit is installed correctly?
With Porting Kit 3.0 the app needs some manual adjustments to work correctly. Check these few extra steps on the Porting kit page up here…

I need help installing games in Porting Kit
Check this page for video tutorials…

Do all Windows programs/games work in Wine?
Unfortunately no. Wine is in continuing development, so not everything will work. Look at the Application-Database on WineHQ to see if your game is there (tested) and which rank it has. If it’s an old version of Wine you can try if the game works on a newer version.

I cannot open your wrappers: because it is downloaded from an “unidentified developer” or says that the file is damaged.
To solve this matter simply change the following setting in the security & privacy preferences on your Mac to allow applications to be downloaded anywhere. See also screenshot below. You can get to those security settings by navigating to the apple symbol in the left upper corner. Then go to preferences, and then to the “Security & Privacy” symbol/option. There you can change the setting to “anywhere”. When you changed this setting you will be able to download and open all wrappers again from my site.

I get the message “No Executables found” when I want to install a game like Red Alert 2 or Medieval 2 TW
In some cases the “Unarchiver” program doesnt extract the file properly which causes this issue. Use the free alternative unzip program KEKA instead and this should solve this problem.

When download from filefactory, I download a .zip.exe file!!?
Problem is the Filefactory download manager. Simply de-select the select-box and the file will be download correctly (see screenshot).

Help The game Crashed!
This can have several causes, I will mention the 2 most common reasons; walk those through when you have problems:

On number 1:
The most common issue: People forget after opening the Disc Image, to copy the Wrapper to the desktop, before anything else! Launching or installing the game while it’s still in the Disc Image you can get “Error! cannot write to info.plist, there are permission problems. You cannot write on a disc volume!”. Well the error already said it, don’t launch or install the game into the Wrapper on the Disc Image! First, move it to your desktop!

On number 2:
People who use the CD/DVD version of their Windows game may run into a CD/DVD copy protection problem. In those case  a “No CD patch” needs to be used. For most CD/DVD games you need  a “No CD path” to get the game up and running. This is as already mentioned because of the CD copy protection on the CD/DVD (DRM). All DRM free games have no need for a “No CD Patch” like the ones on GOG.com. If you use a “No CD patch” then make sure you use the right version. Besides that it may happen that certain “no CD patches” malfunctions and can create a crash too, so if that happens try another version of that “No CD patch”. Note: in some countries, it is illegal to use a No CD patch, so I can’t link to the site. But just Google for: “game name no CD” and the first results will help out.

Which Programs you recommend?
There are 2 programs on the Mac using Wine: Wineskin and Crossover Games. They both have advantages. Wineskin has as a pro that it is free and can use different Wine Engines which can be a benefit for the game. Crossover is more user friendly and has CrossTies which automaticly installs the game into Crossover + it can run some old Games (DOS) which Wineskin cannot. Read more about porting up here…

Is this all legal?
Wine is an environment where you can install Windows-Software. Which means that you can execute the .exe file in a Windows-like environment, even though it’s not Windows. You use a certain openGL .Dlls which is different than Windows, but has the same functions. So Wine, without any adjustments, is completely legal.

It will be different when you’d apply certain Wine-Tricks/Software Installs like DirectX or IE6, because in the EULA of MS is written that it may be used under Windows license only. So if you’d want to use that Software package you’d need a legal version of a Windows OS. This doesn’t mean you got have it installed though. As long as you own a Windows-License everything is fine. It all depends on the EULA of the specific Software-package you want to install; Do you need a Windows License, Yes or No. Always read the EULA of the Software-package you want to use to know sure you’re fine.

The only thing not allowed in some countries, like the US, is the use of the “no cd patch” (for the games with a CD copy protection, also known as DRM), which makes it possible to play the game without CD, to avoid duplication. So if you bought the game, you have the CD and it’s legal. So there usually is nothing wrong, as long as you stay within the rules of the License-Agreement. But if this is is a stumbling block to use Wine on Mac, there is always DRM-free software where the game does work, like on GOG.com or Gamersgate, it will be mentioned on the game pages. These DRM-free games are completely legal to port to Mac.

Works Multiplayer? And does it works with like Punkbuster?
In most cases multiplayer works fine. Only wine doesn’t support Punkbuster at the moment, somehow those two doesn’t work good together. So you have to join non-Punkbuster servers to avoid this problem at the moment.

Are there any differences in-game, between using a ATI-Graphic card, and a NVIDIA-Graphic card??
Yes there are. Sometimes it might even be the case that a game doesn’t work when you’re using a ATI-Graphic card, and only on a NVIDIA-Graphic card. Usually with a NVIDIA-Graphic card you have the most chances that a game will work, rather than with an ATI-Graphic card.

I have updated my OSX to 10.7.5,  10.8.2+ now my games do not work anymore!
Apple was so good to mess everything up with the 10.7.5 and the 10.8.2 OSX update…All the wrappers did not start anymore (black screen or nothing happened anymore). I managed to fixced this issue on all the wrappers now on the new website. If you have an old wrapper and it won’t start anymore after upgrading, then just download the updated wrapper from my website or do it yourself using this video.

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