Wineskin Video Tutorials

Welcome on the Wineskin Tutorial page!

There are a lot of people who don’t know Wineskin and how to use it. Well here is the place to find out how Wineskin works, how to use it, what options there are and all kind of tips and tricks. Check the videos below in which one you are interested to learn. Have fun!

How to install a game into a Wineskin Wrapper

How to fix the wrappers for OSX 10.7.5 and for 10.8.2 and higher

How to fix Login/connection problems in Steam wrappers.

How and when to use a no-CD patch in a game wrapper

How to change an executable (.exe) file in Wineskin

Wineskin Basics

How create Custom exe files in Wineskin

How to Patch and Mod a game in Wineskin

How to do winetricks

How to do a test debugrun

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