FIFA: The Video Game that Changed Football

FIFA by EA Sports, without a doubt, has changed football. The rise of the computer game from a simple soccer simulator to a global behemoth that influences and teaches the sport of football almost defies belief. Few could have anticipated that FIFA International Soccer, which debuted in 1993, would become the cultural juggernaut that it has become, more than 25 years after its launch. It is now a big part of 24/7bets online betting due to its popularity.

To comprehend the transition from niche product to must-have release, consider the state of the football world in 1993, when the first FIFA was released. It was created for the North American market by EA Sports Canada, which is an important element in knowing how far the game has progressed. Twenty-five years ago, the United States was a football desert: there was no national league, and there hadn’t been in almost a decade, and there were no professional players outside of indoor soccer. The United States had been awarded the 1994 World Cup by FIFA, but the men’s professional game did not exist for the vast majority of Americans. It was limited to women’s soccer (mostly amateur), ethnic communities (who tended to play on a local level), and children. To put it another way, it wasn’t a serious sport. It isn’t hyperbole to claim that FIFA-soccer predates actual soccer in America on a national cultural level: FIFA 95 also went so far as to create a fake American league for the game because there wasn’t one to relate to in real life.

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A variety of factors have contributed to the game’s popularity in making the sport become popular. First and foremost, there’s the game’s appearance. Most Americans have scant access to live elite soccer and thus watch it via television: FIFA deliberately does not look like actual soccer; instead, it appears to be televised soccer, along with all the bells and whistles that come with television coverage. Creating a game image that included world football stars and cast them in the same light as major American sports stars has gone a long way toward transforming soccer’s image as a kid’s game into one that is on par with baseball, basketball, and American football. FIFA’s realism aspect takes care of this as well: starting with FIFA 95, the game will feature real players, real teams, real stadiums, and motion-captured athletes. Anything that American sports fans wanted from Madden was delivered in FIFA. It’s changed a lot over the years, as this set from 1994 to today illustrates, but the trend has remained unchanged.

FIFA’s influence extends well beyond football. The soundtracks have long been as eagerly awaited as the games, and they have the power to make or break bands. In the mid-to-late 1990s, the Cool Britannia cultural phenomenon fused the positive aspects of England’s hosting of Euro 96 with the height of Britpop: unsurprisingly, FIFA 97 featured Britpop superstars Blur as their lead artist. It provided a forum for some bands who might not have gotten much airtime otherwise, such as Kosheen’s Hide U from FIFA 2003. Like the entertaining games available on the Betway casino, FIFA game ranks as one of the must-have games for any gamer.

The FIFA 19 World Tour has attempted to put these components together, with Stormzy and Dapaah facing off against Marcus Rashford and Jesse Lingard of Manchester United and England, respectively.

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