Fighting Street for the Mac!

I found this free Streetfighter “clone” called Fighting Street when I was looking for some indie games. Works great on as well low-end as on high-end Macs. Simply download and extract the zip file and launch the Wrapper to play. Then press enter to select the language and play. Controls are a,s,d,f,g + cursor keys. In the story mode you cannot skip speech, so you have to wait them out (good to know before pressing all the keyboard keys trying to skip it). Have fun with this free game! Checkout the trailer below for some impressions of Fighting Street.

The idea behind Fighting Street which can not be called a remake but a real parallel play that reflects the spirit of the ‘original Street Fighter, with its settings and characters, music and sound effects, the flavor of the 80’s and part of our childhood. However, it changes the alchemy transforming it from a normal beat em up to a beat em up action with strong colors and multiple styles. In fact the game is not the classic scrolling beat em up, but will boast very different missions, including platforming sections, and stage-style action. All this will be included in story mode with alternate phases in the two classic heroes Ryu and Ken.

Download the pre-installed Wrapper up here…

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