First Origin program port finally here!

Yes! Yes! Yes! I was already 1.5 years busy to get a good port of Origin, so we can play Origin games! And although I was far in the progress, I ran into 2 problems from which one, was fixed in Wine 1.7.35 (download problem) and the second was the “activation.dll” error message when launching a game. That one was fixed with a Patch I applied in this custom build. Because it is a custom build of Wine, I cannot add this into the Portingkit yet as we speak, but will be I hope coming week.

In this Origin Port not all games, on the contrary, a lot won’t work. This also because most games needs their own treatment to work. Newer Origin custom builds will of course follow through time. However with this Wine custom build I did managed to get a number of games working just great, including some way awesome titles where a lot of people were hoping for! Today and coming week I will show you which games work including a video tutorial. Which games they are I keep a secret until you see them appear on the site. Hope you will enjoy this as much as I do!

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