First steps account Login (almost) ready!

There is a lot of development at the moment on the website, and you may have see the login possibilities in the sidebar and the top bar. Loads of cool features are coming up which you will really love!  However, unfortunatly it isn’t finished yet. First the free membership stuff will be put in place with some features. Then features will be expanded and also the premium stuff put in place. It is all a lot of work and Manesh Sonah is doing his best to implant all the things, but it takes some time to do it properly.

So if you see a massive sidebar on the side while you want to register at the moment, then yeah, this is omething where is worked on. Even if you created an account succesfully, and login somehow fails for you, yup, is worked on. As soon all is in place and everything should work, then I will let you guys know on the blog. Feel free to create an account already, but know it might not work properly yet. Thanks for all your patience!

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