First things first…

Now the new site is up, I need to get stuff working properly first. Lot of links are still linking to the old website due WordPress not using “.html” in the end of the page. You will also notice there are a few dozen of games taken out of the gamelist (which were very old) and which will be re-added coming weeks. I will notify on the site what has been re-added and such.

Because they are laying new tiles on the 1st floor in my real home I am a little bit limited in my technical equipment… So until Saturday (then it will be finished) the new ports burst will be restrained a bit, and will massivly start again when I am in full control of all my gear.

Other thing: Posting reactions, how the heck does that work now right? Well you can use the text baloon on the post to add a comment/reaction. All kind of new features like, being able to login on the site and other stuff will be implanted as well through the time.

Last, and not least, please let me know the speed of the site as well and other stuff you run into by browsing the site. Thanks in advance!

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  1. This is a test if the posts now will appear without approval.

  2. Hello Paul,
    super work, i understand now what you were talking about for so long !… :-)
    Great work, wish you a big success !
    Your friend Molochmac

  3. Hi Paul – Congrats on your new site. It sure looks spiffy!

    A few remarks though. With your old site it was immediately clear what the latest admission was. I liked that. I also have trouble finding the “blog” page you are referring to.

    Perhaps it is just me being silly?

    Good luck!

  4. You are absolutely right about the confusion. I adjusted the text just now. It first was the meaning to get on a main page where some explaination was about the site and that you can go to the blog for all the news. I had trouble with that and after making this post, I made up my mind and made the Blog the homepage again. So, no seperate pages anymore, just the good old blog on the homepage where you can see the latest admissions :)