Might of Magic 8 game port fixed.

It seemed that Might of Magic 8 had a bug crashing Porting Kit while installation of the game. The cause of the issue was the custom Wineskin not supporting X11 anmore. We addressed the problem by making the game Macdriver compatible using “Software 3D” rendering of the game. This in combination with “GDI” Directdraw rendering, the game now is fully install-able and playable again :) An important setting is now required to do in the game “configuration utility”. You need to select “Software 3D” and keeping the “full screen” option in tact before launching the game in order to play the game properly.

When you search the game now in the Porting Kit database, you will find that the game has the usual “updated” badge visible in the game icon.  Have fun!
Read more about the game on the Portingkit game page up here…

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