Front Mission Evolved for the Mac!

I managed to get the game Front Mission Evolved working quite nicely using the Steambuild1 Wrapper. I played 2 missions with my Nvidia 640M iMac and had no crashes or something. You do need a powerful Mac for this game and 512mb GFX card is a must have to play this game enjoyable. It’s quite a good game and it keeps you playing because of the storyline, and it is only $9,99, so it’s really recommended if you like action games! Check out the trailer below to learn more!

Simply download the Steambuild1 Wrapper and extract it (unzip) and make sure if you have Mavericks OSX you have set the correct security settings otherwise it will say the file is damaged or from an undefined developer. Then login into Steam with your account and get Front Mission Evolved from Gamersgate and use the serial to activate it in Steam. Then it will download the game and then play! Have fun!

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