More games added to Portingkit!

Although I would like to see that the process of adding games to the Portingkit would be faster, games are added day by day.  And with the Latest Portingkit (1.4.12) version there is also added opengl registry support, so I could add the awesome Medal of Honor Warchest game! This WSI file will add the 3 shortcuts with its own cool icon of Medal of Honor Allied Assault and its expansion packs “Spearhead” and “Breakthrough”. This means you can launch all three games within the Portingkit with one click!

The same kind of thing I created for Interstate 76 Arsenal which creates an extra shortcut for the Nitroriders expansion and with Cultures 1+ 2, which adds the 2 shortcuts for those games as well.Then I also added the two Imperialism games: Imperialism and Imperialism 2: The age of Exploration, which also contain new icons and an updated wine engine. This also counts for Settlers 2 – 10th Anniversary and Etherlords 2. And last but not least I added the free game Battleships Forever! Have fun with the Portingkit!

Get the Portingkit (if you don’t have it yet) up here…

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