Giants Citizen Kabuto for the Mac!

Giants Citizen Kabuto is a very popular good old action game which is still available on It took me some testing and tweaking and research to get the game running very nicely on the Mac. For this game I even made a specific video about how to to get the game running and how to tweak it so you can play it in 1920×1080 screen resolution! If it is not enough, the game is on sale this weekend with 50% off, so get it while it is cheap! Enjoy the video instructions below!

Space castaways, the Meccs piloted their ship through space, looking for their missing friends. If you haven’t guessed already, they ended up on the Island. Faced with yet another unscheduled layover while on their way to Planet Majorca, the Meccs decide to make the best of their temporary home. Just their luck – the natives are already embroiled in their own little war, and the Mecc visitors are most unwelcome! Meccaryns… Sea Reapers… Kabuto… One island isn’t big enough for the three of them.

Download the wrapper from the game page here…

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