Some game port fixes.

Maintaining so many game ports is quite intensive, especially when changes seems to appear regularly in the game installer, or Winetricks, game clients (Uplay/Steam/Origin/GOG Galaxy). The problem is not only fixing them, but also discover them when they are there. That’s why your help is so important, to notify us when things stops functioning in the Porting Kit forum or contact form.

There seems to be a couple of problems active:
Asks for internet connection, (while its already there), which has a solution now and is being implanted at the moment, most Origin games will work now, but a final check still needs to be done. (matter of 2 days at the most to fix all Origin games)

GOG Galaxy (Gwent):
Well, we only have 1 GOG Galaxy game (Gwent), but yeah if the game client is messing around, then there is no use for it… We are working on the problem, but solution is not there yet. CHeck blog regularly for updates.

GDIplus issue:
Some games had a graphical glitch with the GOG installer. You couldn’t click “install” (Install button gone) so installing the game would not be possible. Most games are now fixed from that bug, but if you see/run into one, let us know asap, so we can fix those specific game(s). Check for fixed games in the ratings tab (latest games) list.

Some game port fixes past days:
Settlers 2 Special Edition
Star Wars Battlefront 2
Heroes 3
Heroes 2
Chris Sawyers Locomotion

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