GOG.com Summer sale 27.May – 15.June up to 95% off!

It’s bin a long time I made a post about a massive promo. Well until 15th of June there is a massive sale going on on GOG.com with discounts up to 95% off! Get there native Mac games, or Windows games we have in the Porting Kit database which you can use to port to your Mac!

3000+ gaming deals
The Summer Sale on GOG.COM contains over 3000 stellar deals with discounts reaching up to 95% off. Start by shaping the matter of space to your will by building your own publisher bundles and unlocking additional discounts. Get an additional 5% off from your order when buying three games from a bundle or an additional 10% off from your order when buying 5 or more games. Rules of physics apply here, so when you already own some of the games from the bundle, they also count towards your extra discount!

Take a look at the sale up here… to get your wishlisted games way cheap :)

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