GOG.com Weekend sale THQ Nordic Games up to 80% off!

You’re into RPGs, perhaps? Turn-based, action, or just plain EPIC RPGs? Maybe you’d rather go with strategy, adventure, or action-adventure. Doesn’t matter, really, since THQ Nordic’s catalog’s got it all. In spades. Also discounts up to 80%. In today’s Weekend Sale.

85 games are included in the sale from which 14 also for Mac and Linux. Like The Dwarves (-67%) and The Book of Unwritten Tales (75% off). But also games like Battle Worlds: Kronos (-75%) and This is the Police with 67% off and many more!

Then for the discounted games left we have in Porting Kit, almost 40 game ports available to use! I will mention a couple important ones which are most popular and biggest discount. For the Delta Force series (-75%), Titan Quest (-80!!%) Red Faction series (75% off) and Desperado’s series (75% discount) Black Mirror Series (-75%) and many many more! Simply double-check in porting kit server tab if the game is in porting kit and get the game and download the setup and porting kit will do the rest!

The THQ Nordic Weekend Sale ends May 28, 10pm UTC.

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