Grand RPG sale on with up to 90% discount.

With over a 180 with up to 90% discounted RPG games on sale, makes it another tempting weekend to get your wishlisted games :) I will name a couple of popular and high discounted ones starting with some native Mac games:

Like Baldur’s Gate Enhanced and Baldur’s Gate 2 Enhanced with 50% off. Then with the same discount we have Icewind Dale Enhanced (-50%), Devinity: Original Sin 2 and Tyrany: Gold Edition. Then to the more higher discount of 60% Pathfinder: Kingmaker Explorer and Pilars of Eternity and with  66% we have the Bards Tale IV! Then with even 75% some great classics as: Never Winternights Enhanced Edition and Torment Tides of Numenera and Wastlands 2! Those are just a few of many great classics with much discount.

Lets go to the games for which I have a port available in the Porting Kit database. I only name a few, if you doubt if I have a port for it in the database then search the Porting Kit database manual for the game. Lets start with of the least discounts of 49% off: The Temple of Elemental Evil! Then with 65% off Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic and Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic 2!  Then getting more serious with 75% of Dragon Age – Origins and the recent ported Shadow Run games: Shadow Run – Dragonfall and Shadow Run – Returns! Then finally in this promo post I present Ys 1 + 2 (-70%) and YS Origin with a very nice 75% off. Enjoy the sale!

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