Guess the game port for today and get Broken Sword 2 (Mac) free!

The past few days have been very busy in my personal life + the fact there were some bad luck with porting some games. Yesterday I was able to get a nice Trilogy working on my Mac, which I will present you guys and girls within about 14 hours. If someone guesses the game within that time, I will gift the person the Mac game Broken Sword 2! So login into the website and comment to this post to guess the port for today and the first one who guesses right will be sent the Steam serial for Broken Sword 2 (Mac)!

To make it a bit fair, you may give 2 guesses split into 2 posts for the situation you posted one guess and suddenly think you know the answer! So Where are you waiting for! Think hard and post your guess and win the game! To get you a bit in the Mood, you find the trailer of the game below!

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  1. I quess that it is Age of Wonders

  2. Close…but no :P. Those games are already ported.

  3. Few hours to go and I give one hint: Search for trilogy on Gamersgate…..

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