Happy Eastern to All!

For a lot of people (like me) these days are very special because the remembrance of the passion of Christ. For some people this is a free day of from work, or to be together with family and searching for easter eggs. Either way I want to sent my best wishes to you all this day and a happy and healthy life!

To celebrate it a little bit on the site a did a freeware port of a puzzle game called:  Easter Journey. In this game you control an easter bunny and have to collect the easter eggs in the level. But it isn’t easy, there are barricades and one wrong move make you get stuck. Luckily there is a refers key (backspace) to undo your wrong action. There are 47 levels and I tested myself until level 4 and it is quite fun and challenging. A nice game to spent your time with until family arrives or something like that.

I won’t make a separate game page for this one, so download the (full game = extract and play) wrapper up here…. The file is over 200mb, so this is hosted on Filefactory, so remember to click on slow download and deselect the filefactory download manager select box. Have fun!


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