He needs your help

Hello, I’m VitorMM, the Porting Kit developer. If you talked with us by mail you may have talked with me already. I’m not used to post here in PaulTheTall.com (most of the time I only post about the Porting Kit updates), but these are times of need; I’m here to ask for your help.


That one is my cousin, Vinícius. He’s 10 years old, is a young writer, love playing drums, but has contracted leukemia, and his life might be in the very end. The chemotherapy wasn’t capable of curing him, so his only hope is a bone marrow donation.

The bone marrow can be donated multiple times, since your body regenerates it. When you register a sample of your blood for bone marrow stem cells donation, it may match with anyone in the world. You may save his life, another person’s life; maybe you can save many people.

So, please, research about bone marrow donation in your country. Donate. Vinícius, and other children around the world, may don’t have much time.


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