Heroes Might and Magic 3 works now on M1 Apple Silicon Macs!

Great news! Thanks to the tip of a user who found this out, is that the crash in Heroes of Might and Magic 3 is caused somehow because of a page fault of the music. How and what, no idea, but when you turn off the “music” then the game won’t crash for the M1 Apple Silicon Mac!

Alright, now practical: Launch the game and start a campaign and when the game launched, go to the settings and slide the music to all the left, so there is no music. The FX can stay the same, which still makes the game very enjoyable. When the sound is turned off, you can go back to the game menu and start whatever quest/campaign you want. Have fun!

you don’t have the game yet? Get it on GOG.com (download the 2 “offline back setup files”) and search the game in the PK database and install the game and play!

Find the game page up here…

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