Hydorah for the Mac!

Tonight we go back in time…Who remembers Space Mambow or Nemesis on the MSX? I played that game a lot with my older brother those days. Now you can relive that time with a nice look-a-like :) Its simple but still addicting to beat your highest score and defeating the bosses! Another cool thing about it is, that it’s Free! Why waiting, download, extract and play! Hydorah is a Windows freeware game developed by Locomalito, which I ported to the Mac. Watch the trailer below to feel the old gameplay again….

Choose the path to follow and fight planet by planet against hordes of meroptians. Hydorah features lots of short and intense levels with fantasy spacial landscapes, unlockable weapons, secrets, and a large library of enemies and bosses. There is a single dificulty level, based on the 80’s standards. It can be hard, but with every beaten level there will come the glory.

Go for the wrapper to the gamepage up here…

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  1. Hi Paul.

    First, thanks for fixing the problem with comments. “Maldita Castilla” comments aren’t working yet, the link moves you to the wrapper’s page.

    Second, I submit my report about playing Hidorah on my Mac. The game runs slow (at half speed) and there aren’t sound effects (shoots, explosions, menu sounds) only the music sounds. I think that the wrapper doesn’t have support for NVidia video cards. I own a Macbook Late 2008 with NVidia 9400M and RAM 8GB. The Same issue occurs with Maldita Castilla.


  2. Hey Mauro!

    Yeah, you are right about the sound fx, I noticed it as well. There is only the music. Sound fx isn’t working I see as well. If you don’t know that this fx sound is there you might think it is normal :P. However, the slowdowns is not on my AMD radeon card. I played 2 levels (20 minutes) in normal speed as should be on my AMD Radeon 6770M. do you run maverick OSX? if so, then its because of Mavericks OSX in combination by the bad Nvidia drivers in the Mavericks OSX. I might check it out tonight on my Nvidia Mavericks iMac. I will let you know.

  3. Fixed the comments on Maldita Castilla as well :P

  4. Works fine on on my Nvidia GT 640M as well on Mavericks OSX. I have the same issue on my nvidia 9400m macbook on OSX 10.8.5. So yeah, runs not well on the 9400M….

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