Imperialism 2 for Mac OSX

Game Details:

Welcome to the Imperialism 2 game page. This page contains information + tools how to port Imperialism 2 so you can play it on your Mac just like a normal application using Crossover. So if you haven’t  Crossover yet, then sign up here and buy the program or if you want to test it first, for the 14 days trial. Or use the Porting Kit alternative.

If you don’t own the game yet, get Imperialism 2 from which is DRM free there and runs out of the box. Click on the links mentioned here, create an account using the signup in the top bar on the website and buy the game. You automatically get when creating an account 14 free GOG games (+ some dlc’s) added to your account so you have nothing to loose, only to receive! Make sure the setup file is downloaded into your download folder before running the Crosstie, so that Crossover recognizes the file and launches the setup automatically.

Important: In the game menu you get a spam of errors until you turn music off in the game options!

Use this CrossTie… to install the GOG game into Crossover
Make sure Crossover is installed before downloading/running the CrossTie. Or use Porting Kit.

Game description:
The New World lies open before you, ripe for the taking. You must skillfully parlay discovery into riches and gather enough power to dominate Europe’s political landscape. Combining elements of resource management, economic trade, exploration, diplomatic wheeling-and-dealing, and military conquest, Imperialism 2: The Age of Exploration challenges you to leverage New World wealth into Old World dominance.

Additional Port Information:
Graphical Cards Tested: AMD Radeon 6770M, Nvidia 9400M
Whats tested: Playing for a while
Does Multiplayer work?: Yes using Hamachi, read the “how to” manual I made up here…
OSX 10.7.5 and 10.8.2+ compatible?: yes
Known Issues: In the game menu a spam of errors until you turn music off in the game options
Whats not tested: Intel graphical cards
Wrapper Version: 1.0

Instruction video Crossover



[custom_frame_left]Imperialism 2 mac screenshot 3[/custom_frame_left]

[custom_frame_left]Imperialism 2 mac screenshot 2[/custom_frame_left]

[custom_frame_left]Imperialism 2 mac screenshot 1[/custom_frame_left]

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