Important note!

Hi Guys! Here an important note. Maybe it sounds wierd but I have the feeling to do so. As many maybe already know, we live in biblical end times. The world is getting sicker every day, and good people are getting less and less. People are very selfish nowadays and God is more and more forgotten. But this time is foretold in the Bible and we are really living in the end of the days. And some terrible stuff will happen very soon as well. WW3, asteroids, deceptions, financial collapse, massive earthquakes and so on.

In those times it is good to reflect on ourselves. How is our life? Are we still doing good? How is our relation to eachother and with God? And I want to be an example in this and want to ask forgiveness to anyone who played games on and because of it neglected time with God. So please forgive me, and please don’t let gaming get between you and God or that it suffers from the relation with you and God. Relationship with God is the most important thing, especially now.

Thanks and God bless you all!

Warm regards,



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