Important Porting Kit update!

Important update! For the people who updated there Portingkit today to version 1.8.136, should update there Portingkit back to version 1.8.138. The .136 version contained a bug which will make Wrapper creation fail. So for people experiencing this issue, please check your Porting Kit version and update to the latest one.

Some of the latest changes from Januari 2 until now with 1.8.138 are:

  • Fixed: Wrapper creation now should work again
  • Added: The icodecs winetrick now should be downloaded from
  • Improved: Ports now are saved in your prefered App Folder by default (can be disabled throw Preferences)
  • Added: Screen Recording feature added to Tools tab
  • Fixed: Source icons should be loaded correctly on Retina Display computers
  • Added: “Kill All Wineskin Processes” button added
  • Improved: Engine changes can also be video card specific
  • Improved: Free games instructions is also a possibility
  • Improved: The action dialog (with install now, instructions and buy game buttons) now also has a Cancel button
  • Added: Winetricks filtered by Video Cards now are supported
  • Added: Source icons to the game description, with tooltip to identify the icon
  • Added: PK now should be able to handle errors during the wrapper creation
  • Added: Cancel button to the wrapper creation process
  • Fixed: If a wrapper wasn’t created successfully, it shouldn’t be added to the Local tab
  • Improved: Performance increase when using system features
  • Fixed: Replace buttons are going to work now
  • Fixed: If you reload the server list during a download, the progress bar will become determinable again
  • Added: Porting Kit now will offer instructions of how to install a game before starting
  • Changed: Added message under Contact Us tab to check FAQ and instructions before sending a mail
  • Changed: Contact Us tab now is more user friendly and doesn’t use the Mail app anymore

Read all changes for the past period up here…

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