Industry Giant 2 for Mac!

On many request Industry Giant 2 Gold is back on the catalog! The Industry Giant 2 (2012 Edition) stopped working on the old Wrapper and was removed. Now, more then a year later I can represent this game again with an updated Wrapper. The main concept of the game is similar to the City Building Series: after products are finished, they are added to the closest available warehouse, and then stores and factories can pick them up and sell them according to the demand. This game works very nice on my one hour tests on my Nvidia 640M iMac. In the video below you can see the visual instructions + a little bit of game-play.

Note: LAN option won’t work but Skirmish works fine. Also the software cursor “shivers” a bit, but when you annoyed by it, you can deselect the “software cursor” in the option, which brings you the normal mouse pointer instead.

Download the Portingkit and select the Aura game on the library –> server tab and download and install the game using the basic video tutorial of the Portingkit. Have fun!

Download the Portingkit up here…

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