Introducing + BETA release of the Portingkit!!!

Yes! It’s finally here after some setbacks and things which needed to be fixed. We (Paul the Tall and Vitor Marques) wanted to be sure the Portingkit was technically in good shape before releasing it. Of course it is far from finished, but the basis is there and ready to host hundreds of games! Oh my dear friends, I am thrilled to show you this awesome product because this will save me tons of file-hosting space and bandwidth traffic :), and for you a nice overseeing application which needs almost no work at all in order to play all your favorite games, because the Portingkit will do all the hard work for you!

Lets first start about what the Portingkit actually is. Well, the Portingkit is an application which will work a bit like Steam/Uplay/Origin, which has the news tab (my blog page), and a library tab which contains 2 sub-tabs called “Local” “server”. The library tab is where all the fun will happen. In the Local Tab you can find all game ports which you have in your application folder. The Portingkit will recognize all the Wineskin ports even not created by us! Every game/program in this particular tab you can launch using the “play” button and it will simply launch the port! Then we have the Server Tab: This contains all the actual ports which are added in the Portingkit and can be simply installed using the download link. Most of them are commercial games and still needs the original Windows game to get installed. Even in that the Portingkit helps out. It will ask if you own the game and if not, it will redirect you to the specific game page where you can purchase it, simply as that. The Portingkit will recognizes the setup files in the download folder so it will automatically start the installation and create the game port. When the port creation is finished it will be visible in your local tab and can be launched from there using the “play” button. It is just awesome :P! You can also rate a specific port (will be soon be implemented) so you can rate the game with your video card. This is handy to know if a game works on for example an Intel Iris Mac yes or no.

Then there are a couple of more tabs: “Rankings”, where the top 10 ranked games will be found, “community” community stuff, “FAQ” for all the frequently asked questions and support videos can be found (needs still to be added) and the “Donate” tab to support our hard work. Those tabs will be filled through the next coming Portingkit releases. So in short, Portingkit will be the only app you need in the future for you Mac gaming!

The portingkit will have its own website hosted by me called: where you can download the application and read more about what it does. I made also an introduction video of the release of the program. Check it out and enjoy this new awesome application!!

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