Introduction of the Portingkit!

A lot of of things have happened this year, and even though this year has 1.5 months to go, there will be a great new feature….or better said “Application” coming up! This Application is called: “The Portingkit” and is mind-blowing if a may say it myself! This makes hosting wrappers unnecessary anymore, because instead the app will download a small script (WSI files) which will automatically download the specific Wine engine, apply the tweaks and will even contain the specific game related branded icon! If the game port is a free/demo game, then it will automatically download and install the game in the wrapper as well! A dream app for Mac users! This program will be a mixture of Steam/Crossover with very cool features like ranking and launching from the app itself and much more and much more to come! In the end all the ports I have done will be added in the Portingkit application and no more file hosting will be needed on my end :)

The Portingkit is developed by Vitor Marques (creator of Gamma Studio) on my request and which will closely work together with the Porting Center (also developed by Vitor Marques). The Porting Center is the application where the WSI files are been created for the Portingkit. Not much knowledge is required to create WSI files, so in not to long we can have have a big community who can contribute there own Wrapper ports. There will be also a separate website for the Portingkit (not live yet) hosted by me where the program is hosted and maintained. We hope to release the first Beta and more info in the coming weeks! So stay tuned!!

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  1. Fantastic News!


  2. Cool. Released soon?

  3. Yup, first Beta yes, it will contain just a bunch of existing games, but will grow very rapidly because of the easy creation of WSI files. The auto download ones will take the most time because of linking and such which will take a bit more work and testing, but it will be beatiful. Did a lot of testing already and works great :) Then it it is matter of narrowing bugs and finetuning the layout/gui and it will be a dream :D