Jack Keane and Jack Keane 2 added to Portingkit!

If you love adventure games, then I have some good news! As well the GOG.com version of Jack Keane and Jack Keane 2 has been ported to Mac and added to Porting Kit! In both games you play Jack Keane who drops in all kind of adventures. The makers claim: “Never has an adventure been as cinematic, fast-paced and humorous, without breaking any of the iconic point & click gameplay rules.State of the art 3D-graphics, gripping action-sequences and the typical bizarre Jack Keanesque humour will be an absolute delight to all adventure fans.”

About Jack Keane (1):
Jack Keane has on GOG.com a Mac version but only works until 10.10, so it’s way out of date and won’t work on the Mac OS for more then 5 years. So I made this Compatible again up to Mac OS Mojave and works great, even on lower end Mac’s. Yep we are still working on Catalina compatibility, this takes time, so wait with updating with your Mac OS if you still want to keep playing your games!

Go to the Jack Keane Porting Kit page up here…

About Jack Keane 2:
A great graphical animation adventure game! Follow-up of the first game, Jack Keane 2 – The Fire Within, latest Wine versions fixed some shadow problems, so I was able to port this game now with issues. The game does however requires at least a medium to high-end Mac, because of the high end graphics in the game, but again works great :D.

Go to the Jack Keane 2 Porting Kit page up here…

You can also of course search the game in the Porting Kit App database. It will contain at the moment (for 2 weeks) a “New” badge on the game icon as you are used to when a new game gets added in Porting Kit.

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