James Cameron’s Avatar for Mac OSX

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Game Details:

And another great game ported to the Mac! James Cameron’s Avatar: The Game Works nice out of the box for Nvidia cards. ATI/AMD Radeon graphic card users can make this game very playable with some graphical settings changes in game see below. For the rest works nice :D For OSX 10.9x Mavericks users in order to play the game, make sure to set the right security settings, or it will say the file is damaged or that the file is from an undefined developer.

Game description:
James Cameron’s Avatar: The Game is the official video game based on the highly anticipated film James Cameron’s Avatar. The video game will take you deep into the heart of Pandora, an alien planet that is beyond imagination. Gamers will encounter the Navi, Pandora’s indigenous people and discover other life forms the likes of which have never been seen in the world of video games before.

Additional Port Information:
Graphical Cards Tested: AMD Radeon 6770M, Nvidia 9400M
Whats tested: Playing a while
Does Multiplayer work?: Not tested
Known Issues: AMD Radeon/ATI users may encounter some graphical glitches
Whats not tested: Intel graphical cards
Icon: Stuart Ludwig


james camerons avatar the game mac screenshot 3
james camerons avatar the game mac screenshot 1
james camerons avatar the game mac screenshot 2

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