Knights & Merchants Remake for the Mac!

Many fans of the game requested the port for the Remake of the game Knights & Merchants. So I checked it out tonight! It seemed that both games didn’t work proper with the same engine so I was tweaking around until I found out that the remake seems to work fine without the original game installed (doh!)! So I made a full download port for the fans! So where are you waiting for?!

Simply download the remake Wrapper from the game page and extract and play! Check out the trailer below for the game-play and features of this remake!

Go to the game page for the Wrapper up here…

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  1. Paul,

    I will thank you for the work what you for the game to play on the Mac!
    Without your work could now not much gamers this game play!
    With this work you have the game a great service proven!

    Thank you therefore!

    Kind regards,
    [In the game better known as KaMRemakefan.]

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