The Labyrinth of Time released for Mac!

It’s Tuesday, this means some new game releases on This time there are 2 games released. One: Paper Sorcerer, which I posted a few days back as well because it was then released on Gamersgate. Second: The Labyrinth of Time, which is an adventure game from 1993. In this game you need to explore a vast and mysterious world spanning over 275 locations from several different eras of history. It is an entertaining storyline based on Greek mythology sets the scene for hours of first-person adventuring and puzzle solving. You like adventures and puzzling? Then this one might be something for you.

You have been chosen as hero. Abruptly lifted from your routine existence, you have been dropped into a realm where time and space hang in check. Through exploration and puzzle solving, you must overcome the awesome power of Minos and destroy the labyrinth by manipulating the very fabric of history.

Get this Mac game on up here…


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