Legends of Eisenwald for Mac

On request! I added Legends of Eisenwald for Mac to Porting Kit this weekend. If you love games like Heroes of Might and Magic 5, Age of Wonders or Disciples 2, then this game might be something for you.Legends of Eisenwald is an adventure game with tactical battles, RPG and strategy elements. Take the lead of a small feudal army and try to defend your right to survive in this ruthless medieval world. The game works great on my AMD Radeon iMac! Have fun!

Install is Simple:
1. Get Porting Kit or Crossover if you don’t have it yet.
2. Then download the GOG.com setup file from Legends of Eisenwald from GOG (Remember to download the “offline backup setup files”) into your download folder.
3. Then in Porting Kit search the game in the library –> server tab and click install.
4. After installation of the game, “exit” the GOG installer.
5. Click “Play” to start the game! Have fun!

Game description:
The mysterious lands of old Germany are waiting for you – it’s a land where the superstitions of the time have come to life. This isn’t a fantasy game. There are no elves or dragons here. There are only people – and their passions, sins and fears that often take a tangible form. Which path will you choose? Live according to your conscience? Or live by power and might? Or will you live by justice? And what is your justice, really?

Go to the Porting Kit game page for more info up here…

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