LEGO Indiana Jones for Mac

We already did LEGO Indiana Jones 2 for Mac in Porting Kit but now also the first Episode is added to porting Kit: LEGO Indiana Jones for Mac.  The game works great in Porting Kit and played about 30 minutes like it was a native Mac game :) Enjoy this one! Check out the trailer of the game below for some visuals.

Install is simple:
1. Get Porting Kit or Crossover if you don’t have it yet.
2. Then download the setup file from LEGO Indiana Jones for Mac from GOG into your download folder.
3. Then in Porting Kit search the game in the library –> server tab and click install.
4. After installation of the game, “exit” the GOG installer.
5. Click “Play” to start the game! Have fun!

Game Description:
Build, Battle and Brawl your way out of trouble! Play through all three classic Indiana Jones™ movies and relive your favorite Indy adventures in the tongue-in-cheek worlds of LEGO®

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