Les Miserables the game of the book for the Mac!

Les Miserables the game of the book is a special free game and is one of the “Enter the story” games. The meaning of these stories is to make you part of the story instead of watching/reading the book. You may have thought sometimes when you read a book, “I wished I would be there and talk to these people”, well, now you can and see it yourself and see the different sides of it and explore. I think the trailer below can tell you the best where this game/book is about, but that it is special….that is something what is sure.

Les Miserables is an adventure game similar to the novel. You play Jean Valjean, a convicted thief locked to 19 years for stealing a piece of bread to feed his starving sister. Your task is to escape the police inspector Javert, and help Cosette and Marius to liberate lives and rescue your soul.

Download the Wrapper with the free game preinstalled here….

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