Locomotion now M1/M2 Apple Silicon Compatible and Widescreen!

As you know, I am in a quest for making loads of older (low resolution = 640×480/800×600/1024×768) games compatible with also the latest M1 Apple Silicon Macs and the M2! This is a time consuming effort, which requires lots of testing, searching and investigation. Therefore it also gives the satisfaction when I finally get it to work :) So hereby the announcement of the updated widescreen port of Chris Sawyer’s Locomotion in 1280×720 resolution (Full screen)! I almost gave up at this one, but a last resort finally worked :D

Check out the screenshot below to get the feeling. For the people who don’t own the game yet, get Chris Sawyer’s Locomotion from GOG ASAP and download the “Offline backup setup files” and use the port in Porting Kit to get it running on your Mac using the simple install instructions!

Don’t you have Porting Kit yet? Download it quickly from the Porting Kit website here…

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Love the work we do? Become a Patron… and get extra Tiers!

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