Login accounts works now!

Ok guys, finally the first steps are there. For the ones who have an account can now finally login properly now and create comments and change their profiles and things like that. All other steps will be implanted as well coming time, like VIP accounts and other features for free members as well. Anyway, the basics are finally there now.

For the ones who haven’t an account yet and wanted to wait before the login stuff was fixed, can create there accounts now as well. Enjoy, and happy commenting!

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  1. And what do you think about the first results of the accounts? Hope you are enjoying it as much as I do. Loads of features are on the todo list, but the start is there!

  2. Hi great job can’t wait until the other futures.
    Keep going on. :)

  3. Looking good so far ;)

  4. Hehe, thanks guys, everyone looks good now with a Profile picture! Paul and I struggled a lot around this, but patience paid off! ;)

  5. Hi Manesh,

    Nice to meet you, Paul did tell me a lot about the work you do and how you help him, great job and keep going on.

    Greetings Rowns

  6. Hey there!

    Nice to finally meet you Manesh! Thank you for all the work, loving how the website is coming along!

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