Louisiana Adventure for the Mac

Louisiana Adventure for the Mac, is an adventure game where you have to solve a few murders. Inspired by real events,your journey begins in 1902 in New Orleans. Katie is sent undercover by the Bureau of Special Investigation in this unique city to resolve strange murders. People speak about supernatural events and the city is on the verge. Time is running out for you since two more murders have occurred! I tested the game for about an hour and works great here on my tests on the Intel HD Graphics 5000 Macbook Air and my Nvidia 640M iMac including saving and loading games. Enjoy the game!

Simply download the Wrapper below –> get Louisiana Adventure from Gamersgate –> double-click the wrapper –> install Windows software –> navigate to the Gamersgate download file of the game and double-click on it –> let the download client download the game and then the game installer will appear –> click next –> then choose a different directory to install the game, set the directory to “c:\program files” and install the game into there and then run the game using a double-click on the wrapper. If you have a lowed Mac and experience some “lagg” then change the in game graphic settings to this… and or lower the resolution to a lower one then your native resolution. When you want to quit the game, use cmd + alt + escape to quit the  game process. Checkout the video tutorial below for the visual steps and some game-play!

Get the Wrapper up here…

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