(Sticky) M2 Apple Silicon Macbook Pro funding campaign!

I am not really the “begging” for funding guy, but the need for an M2 MacBook pro for testing purposes, and the recent economy, forces me to make an exception. As you may know I am busy with a lot of testing to make games work on even the latest M1/M2 Apple Silicon Macs. But it seems that the M1 Apple Silicon MacBook air, is able to run games which somehow doesn’t run on M1/M2 MacBook/iMac/Mac Pro’s. In order for good testing I need a M2 MacBook Pro device (now dependent on tests by other users). While those devices are quite costly I will put up a funding campaign so I will be able to support all new Macs! The MacBook Pro costs € 1.619 (in the Netherlands), and when the amount is reached, this crowdfunding post will be un-stickied.

 €630= 39% pledged so far! thanks so much!

Every amount of support is really appreciated and can be done by Paypal or direct deposit (for the last one sent me an e-mail for details) or become a Patron for a while. For the ones who will support me is directly investing and building in making Mac gaming on new Apple Silicon possible. The never-ending gratitude from everyone using Porting Kit and a personal thanks is credited to you as an supporter.

I will make this post sticky for a while so, scroll the page down for the latest news.

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  1. Hello,

    I am going to send some $ your way, but I wanted to let you know that one aspect that is making M2 air different than M1 air is the display. For example on Skyrim it wouldn’t run full screen because the display ratio was causing an issue. I think the M2 pro will work like the M1 macbook air because it doesn’t have the notch. I was able to get Skyrim to work with a program named SwitchResX. If there is a way to change resolution with Wineskin or portingkit game by game it might help. This program did not make Syberia work without an external monitor, but Skyrim works on M2 macbook air with SwitchResX making a 16:9 display.

    Thank you for continuing to work on this project.



  2. I am not sure if the notch is the main problem, I do know that somehow the M2 and some other M1’s like Macbook Pro, don’t accept resolution 1024×768, 800×600 and 640×480. So that is at least 1 of the issues. I am updating older games as much as I can with Widescreen/Higher res solutions by mods, patches, config changes and more until Wine or Mac OS comes with a proper solution.

    The best way for me to test those older (and newer) games is with a Macbook concerning this disadvantage instead of being dependent on other users for testing. So thats why I started this crowdfunding. So everyones help is appreciated.

  3. I sent you some money towards your new M2 Mac via PayPal and will be joining your Patron starting in September. I really like your product and appreciate your work.

  4. Hey PaulTheTall,
    Thank you for your work on this project. I have just sent some money your way, hope you can get the new Mac soon.
    You’ve given me much playing pleasure with the Porting Kit.
    Any chance you’ll be making a wineskin for Farthest Frontier? Would love to play that game, it looks amazing!
    Thanks again,

  5. Thanks so much guys, really appreciated.

  6. @Josh Looks like mix Settlers/Guild/Patrician like. You ever tried it in a D3D11/64bit Steambuild (https://www.portingkit.com/game/1574)?

  7. @PaulTheTall you have made my day! That was so easy and works amazingly. Thank you for this and for your project, replaying old games like Caesar3 has brought me much happiness over the lockdowns!

  8. Might have spoken too early. The game loads to menu, which looks great and you can navigate, but when you start the screen just goes black. Could it be because I’m still running Big Sur?

  9. Neh, thats probably something else the game requires, for example VCrun 2019, but thats more game specific, as I don’t own the game and thus I can not test myself, it might be all kinda things. That winetrick you can try using the “more” advanced tools –> open winetricks –> advanced –> winetricks and run the trick.

    Nevertheless a bit offtopic ;)

  10. i have an ingame mouse lag when i play a steam64bit 1. person game, is there a way to fix that?

  11. Which macbook model exactly are you planning to buy with how many screen inches and ram? Asking just from curiosity.

  12. 13 inch model with 16GB, will also sell my M1 Apple Silion Macbook Air for quicken the buy Process, which will probably add about 600,- in the total account so. Also hope to be able to buy it on Black Friday to get even more discount. so in total I have (when selling the Air for 600) 1230,- so 1849,minus 1230 = 629 to go :)

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