Game Ports

Game Ports:
Welcome on the Game Ports Section. We have over 2000 game pages and blog posts. On this page and the home page, you can search for your games and ports. The results will show game pages and news posts. If your particular game search can’t find the game just fill in the game name and HIT ENTER. This will show all results. If the game is not in the game pages, ALWAYS check the blog posts. Lately I only make blogposts of new ports!

Most games are added now to the Paulthetall’s Porting Kit application and Crossover (recommended also for  Linux).

Game pages: Those are specific game pages made for that game. Always pick the game page above a blog post because it will contain more info like extra screenshots, instructions and video tutorial. Game pages are mostly created for the game ports. It may appear with some games that the images don’t appear in the search, but dont bother, we are working on that!

Blog Pages: Those are news items on the blog. Those most of the time don’t contain images in the search. Blog posts contain news items, game releases, wrapper updates of that game, new videos, native Mac release, etc. The Latest Game ports are in the blog posts as well. Check the blog (homepage) regularly for game updates and news. If you use Porting Kit then you can follow the news on the news tab.

If the Website is heavy loaded the search may take a few seconds.  Tip: make the search as specific as possible to find the game of choice. If you notice something is not right on a game page please let us know on the contact page.




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