Game Ports

Game Ports:
Welcome on the wrapper download section. Here you will find all kinda downloads + videos regarding wineskin and making games work and stuff like that. I hope after a while to teach you too how to port your favorite programs and games to the Mac.All the ports are divided now in „Genres”. Click on the specific game cover to enter the specific game genre to see the whole list game ports of that genre.

Here you will find links to 3 kind of games:
1. Free Full freeware games for the Mac:
(Download (or and install) –> extract –> play!
2. Free Wrappers:
Where you can install your legally owned windows games in + video instructions
3. VIP Games: Three Full freeware games only available for VIP members: at the moment “Hidden and dangerous“, “Psi Ops: Mind Conspiracy“, and “C&C Tiberian Dawn“The last cover contains a list of almost all native Mac games which are around. These are official releases from the publishers themselves. Take a look at the list to see if there are games in you’re liking.