Mac OS 10.12 Sierra Compatible with Crossover and Porting Kit.

Last week Mac OS 10.12 “Sierra” has been released. It has some nice features for itself, but more importantly is the question, can I update to “Sierra” safely without worrying that Porting Kit or Crossover, isn’t working anymore! The question can be “Yes” for now!

I updated the OS to 10.12 last week as soon it was available for download in the App store on 2 of my Macs, and upgraded successfully. I opened Porting Kit with some excitement of what to find out and managed to launch all 4 games I had already installed in OS 10.11 El Capitan, without any issues. Then I tested a few game installs in Sierra itself, to see if that part works as well, and I am glad to inform you that that part worked as well for the couple of games I tested.

About Crossover. The nice part about that, is that Codeweavers is an commercial company and has employers to test Sierra long time before release, so Crossover works just fine in Sierra. The successful game installations I did as test, confirms this fact.

In the tests I did for Porting Kit, I can say for now that the things I did test, all worked as well. This does not mean that I am totally sure that every game will also work in Sierra. I can say that most likely almost all games will, but there might be a few exceptions. But time will tell. So, on the question: “Can I update safely update to Sierra”, then the answer on the first glance is  “Yes”, with the side-note that not all games are tested.

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor os x 10.12 sierra

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