Pop-A-Tronic for Mac OSX

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Game Details:

Another nice free MyPlayCity puzzle game.

Game discription:
As bubbles fill the screen you’ll have to pop them out of your way. Line up three or more of the same color to make them disappear. But don’t make any mistaken clicks, or your bubbles will crack and lose color and you’ll have to come up with another way to get rid of them. Inhale bubbles and pick a new place to drop them to create huge combos. The bubbles are always coming, so you’ll have to be quick to clear the board. Pop-a-Tronic was designed to be fun for everyone. Download bubble game and be sure that its simplistic gameplay and hip music will keep you in the ‘just one more game’ mentality. Pop-a-Tronic is packed with a variety of explosive challenges, power ups, game modes and cool tunes. If you want to be the best at this game, you’ll have to pop it to prove it.
Additional Port Information:
Graphical Cards Tested: NVIDIA 9400M, AMD Radeon 6770M graphics card
Whats tested: Playing a couple of levels
Does Multiplayer work?: Not tested
Known Issues: Not that I know of
Whats not tested:
Intel graphical cards
Icon: Andry Steps



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[custom_frame_left]Pop-A-Tronic mac screenshot 1[/custom_frame_left]

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