Maldita Castilla for the Mac!

Besides Hydorah, I have done Maldita Castilla as well! Maldita Castilla is a great old school action platform game! Its gameplay brings you as well back in the time of Megaman and Roque look-a-likes! Another cool thing about it is, that it’s free of charge! Why waiting? Download the wrapper from the slider and start playing this free game!

Maldita Castilla is an action arcade game full of myths from Spain and the rest of Europe. The graphic style is raw, made pixel by pixel with a limited color palette, like in the old days, and displayed through a dirty old monitor effect. Also, Gryzor87 composed the music emulating the Yamaha YM2203 sound chip, so that the game has real arcade sound. It pays homage to classic arcade games from 1985-1987 like Ghost’n’Goblins, Tiger Road, Black Tiger, Shinobi, Rygar, Karnov, Trojan and many others… taking influences from medieval paintings and places, and inspired by the best chivalry book ever: The Amadis of Gaul.

Download the wrapper from the new game page up here…

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