Man O’ War: Corsair released for Mac

Do you like the Mount & Blade series? Do you like Sid Meier´s Pirates!? Are you a Warhammer Fantasy Fan? If you answer is “yes” more than once, you should seriously consider this game. It´s still early acces though and a bit rough around the edges. Updates will make it only better.

A captain in Man O’ War: Corsair can sail the coast of a huge continent in the Warhammer world. Visiting over 50 ports from Erengrad to Sartosa, the sea is yours to explore. A heroic adventurer does not only have enemy ships to contend with. The deep and unexplored oceans hold terrifying creatures that few see and live to tell the tale. These deadly creatures emerging from the deep sea will chill blood and drop jaws in equal measure. The wise would attempt to flee but those brave enough to tackle such creatures will be famed throughout the world. Watch the trailer up here…

More features are:

  • Sea based warfare – engage in thrilling broadside battles and take command of your captain as you board enemy ships from an on deck perspective!
  • Huge game world to explore with over 50 ports
  • A huge variety of customisable vessel types and characters
  • Trade, explore, and fight

Get this Mac game on up here…

Man O' War: Corsair released for Mac

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