Massive update action from Old wrappers from “X11” to “Mac driver”

Because of compatibility with Mojave and coming Catalina, there needs to be a Massive update of old ports to newer engines and change from “X11” screen handling to “Mac Driver”. This has some Pro’s and Cons, and that’s why I need to need your input as well. As you may have noticed I Have done the past week a Massive update action with over a 150 ports and I am only half underway, changing the input from x11 to Mac Driver + rechecking the setup file name (if changed) and the description (mentioning the “offline backup setup installer” for games).

Where do I need your help?
Because of the massive update of the games database to Mac driver, I cannot test all games again. That would take ages, and my time is already limited. Most games should work just fine with the update or even better (to much better)! But some games will have regressions as well (performance issues or even don’t launch). That part I need to know. If you run into issues (with a new port installation) that the game doesn’t run anymore, or has regressions, please let me know using contact form. Then I can take a look and do an update of that specific game (if I can fix it).

Other news is that we making last changes before a new update of Porting Kit with some fixes. Catalina OS support in Porting Kit is still in Progress and we are waiting for Codeweavers for their Catalina ready public Wine release.

Thanks again making Portingkit a better place.

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