Metro 2033 Redux for Mac

We added not long ago Metro Last Light Redux, now we added Metro 2033 Redux for Mac as well :) This game port works quite well on medium/high-end Macs. I tested the game on my Macbook Pro 2019 and it works similar as Metro Last Light Redux.  When you launch the game the first time after install, it may be a bit “sluggish” and mouse pointer might be stuck, but after adjusting the video resolution (using cursor keys) the mouse issue will be solved from then on (also next launches) and it will be much smoother. When you have a medium end Mac you should lower the settings to have the best user experience.

Basic Portingkit Install Instructions GOG games:
1. Download the Metro 2033 Redux offline backup setup file(s) into your download folder.
2. Always read the notes of the game description first for additional steps!
3. Go to the library server tab and select the game you want to install and click: Install
4. Portingkit will create the wrapper and locate your setup file in your download folder
5. The installation of the game will start, run through the install wizard.
6. After installation, exit the installer (don’t run launch the game).
7. Porting kit will say it has finished successfully.
8. Go to your local library tab and select the game and click: play
9. Enjoy the game!

Game description:
The year is 2033. An entire generation has been born and raised underground, and their besieged Metro Station-Cities struggle for survival, with each other, and the mutant horrors that await outside. You are Artyom, born in the last days before the fire, but raised underground. Having never ventured beyond the city limits, one fateful event sparks a desperate mission to the heart of the Metro system, to warn the remnants of mankind of a terrible impending threat.

Go to the Porting Kit game page up here…

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Love the work we do? Become a Patron… and get extra Tiers!

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